Contactus events     Kalmbach Publication's umbrella web site. If it's about trains of any size or shape, you can get there here.

Operations Special Interest Group:     This pretty much describes their mission, but the Opsig group of the NMRA is quite active      and very willing to help a hand to those interested in learning more about operating their model railroad.

Jim and Mike Tylick:     The site contains many images of their professional work, as well as many railroad related items- prototype and model photographs, tips, and clinics. There is also a large collection of downloadable signs for model builders.

Signs, signs,signs:     A very large collection (easily over fifteen hundred) of FREE downloadable signs for use by model builders. I       Images come from all categories, locales, and eras and are categorized for quick reference. New images are added regularly.

Bar Mills Modelworks:     Art Fahie has an extensive line of “themed” wood kits.  Offerings range from modestly priced and simple      kits to complex expert’s projects.  And now there is also a growing line of accessory and detail parts.

Railway Design Associates:     The late owner, Rod Guthrie was a friend and mentor and one of the more creative people we've       met. His kits are unlike anything else available- Rod was able to get the feel of handwork into injection molded parts, much like      Alan Armitage did years ago for Revell.

Fine Scale Miniatures:     Longtme friend George Sellios, the owner of Fine Scale Miniatures, has one of the most visually compelling model railroads we've been lucky enough to see. He also makes some outstanding craftsman kits.

Leon Honings:     Leon Honings, former editor of Modelspoorwagen- the NMRA Bulletin of the Netherlands, has put together a nifty web site about his Chimera Gorge and Western Railroad. Aside from the usual fine photos and history, Leon has included video for high speed access users, and has some nifty downloadable scale rulers and graffiti suitable for model work. His site has versions in both English and Dutch. Visit this very professionally done site to see how people from across the Atlantic build models of American railroading. Links to many European sites as well. Website is in English.

NCE- The Power of DCC:   The choice of the Little Rhody modular groups for an operating system, NCE offers a well made product      that is likely the most intuitive of any available.

Atlas Model RR Co:   They have been in business for a long as anyone can remember manufacturing a      great variety of model railroad products.

Model Railroad Hobbyist:   This virtual hobby publication is free of charge and is filled with very high      quality material each month.

RailDesign Services:   An unusual enterprise offering various model railroad design and visual services.         They also are custom model builders.

P&W Model Railroad:     Although he's not the well known rock star, Donny Irace is a good friend who has built a most enjoyable model railroad. It's based on the nearby Providence and Worcester Railroad, a very successful nearby regional and features mainline action on the Northeast Corridor. Don devotes many of his waking hours to his trains, but nonetheless still manages to have fun with his hobby and has given us a railroad that is a joy to operate.  

Crow River Modelworks:   Living right here in Rode Island a stone’s throw from the Little Rhody Train Show, Randy and Leo Terrien       make a wide variety of  very useful details in several scales.

George Landau’s Victorian Web:   A vast and fascinating site dealing with many aspects of Victorian culture and learning. Of particular interest to the hobbyist are the page that describe George’s model work, and his many visits throughout the world to a variety of prototype railways and railway museums.  Plan to spend some time here.

Scenery Landform Construction:     During the “Ask a question, receive and answer” portion of a recent Little Rhody meeting. The topic of the construction of scenery landforms came up.  Steve Ryder was kind enough to take notes on several of the many systems which work well.

Stains and Pastels:     Former Little Rhody president Steve Erickson put together this handy guide for a recent Little Rhody meeting. His additive method of applying multiple layers of paint and weathering is unusual and quite effective.

AP Award Documentation:  Tom Emmett discusses ways to ease the daunting task of providing documentation for Achievement program awards.  Many time and effort saving tips.

Little Rhody on Facebook:     We hope that you will LIKE our page and become one of our many friends.