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Modular model railroading has been popular since its inception.  As people become more mobile and living spaces become smaller modular layouts become more and more popular.  There are groups everywhere that give you the opportunity to enter model railroading with limited resources in time, space, and resources.  Please come visit us at our Little Rhody Model Railroad Show or one of the many other shows we participate in. Discover what we are about and come join the fun!

Narragansett Bay Railway & Navigation Co.

The NBR&N is an On30 modular RR built by members of the Little Rhody Division.  It depicts a fictional narrow gauge RR in south eastern New England in the 1930's-40s. We are using a combination of Bend Track and Free-MO and we’re looking forward to meeting you.  In the meantime, please visit our web site.  Click on our photos to watch the fine video Tim Warris made of our railroad.

Rhode Island & Old Colony RR.

The RI&OC is an N scale T-Trak railroad built by members of the Little Rhody Division.  It is based on the New Haven RR in Rhode Island during the 1950’s.  The small modeling scale affords the possibility of modules that are very easy to transport and set up. Please follow us on Facebook.