What is the Little Rhody Division?

A small but very active division of the NMRA, Little Rhody provides the residents of Bristol County, Massachusetts and all of Rhode Island with fun and fellowship centered on model railroading. Our membership’s experience ranges from novice to master, and we are always willing to share our knowledge and learn from each other.

For fifty years, we have promoted and supported the model railroading hobby through activities and education of both our members and the general public in all aspects of model railroading. Please browse our pages to learn more about us and please join us for one of our informative and enjoyable monthly meetings.


Sue Osberg e-mail: superintendent@littlerhodydiv.org

Asst. Superintendent
Brian Osberg

Past Superintendent
Steve Erickson

Chief Clerk
Dick Nagle e-mail: chiefclerk@littlerhodydiv.org

Pay Master
Shannon Dekonski e-mail: paymasterk@littlerhodydiv.org

Membership Chair
Linda Bergemann e-mail: membership@littlerhodydiv.org

David Kiley

Director & Webmaster
George Landow e-mail: webmaster@littlerhodydiv.org

Achievement Program Director
Justin Maguire MMR e-mail: achievementprogram@littlerhodydiv.org

Director and Cordinator of T-Trak Layout
David Dekonski

At Large Director
Tom Emmett

At Large Director
D.K. Paul

Linda Bergemann e-mail: newsletter@littlerhodydiv.org

Layouts Associated with Little Rhody


Meetings are held on the first Saturday of every month. They are usually held in the morning and are often followed by a take-out or pot-luck lunch. Visitors are always welcome to meetings and our events.

Joining Little Rhody

For information about joining us please contact out membership chairperson, Linda Bergemann (see above).


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