This Fairbanks Morse 100 ton coaling tower scratchbuilt by Justin Maguire dominates the engine house area of the NBR&N. [Click on images to enlarge them.]

Left: A tiny, delicate lift bridge built by Andy Small. Right:

Andy Small’s boatyard module provided an effective end of the layout when the NBR&N appeared at one of the Little Rhody shows at the Pawtucket Armory. [Another view]

A NBR&N oil-fired 2-6-0 pulling what appears to be a Vanderbilt tender sits on a track behind an 0-6-0’s tender (see below).

Left: A Scratchbuilt Camelback 0-6-0.

A Forney drags an empty flatcar across the tiny wooden counter-weighted lift bridge.

Another bridge guard house and its wooden swing bridge.

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