Henry Pierce running a Rhode Island Central freight by a farm area on the layout. Paul Mowry, a former Chief Secretary of the Division, stands nearby,

Left: Henery cleaning track before an operating session. In the distance one can see the green table around which division members sat during the Saturday sessions Henry organized. At one Justin Maguire demonstrated creating a turnout using a large aluminum template, and at another Steve Erickson demonstrated the construction of buildings from paper. Right: Henry watches a freight pull around the bend in his U-shaped layout and prepare to enter the town (see below). [Click on images to enlarge them.]

The RI Central freight pulls past the town church while George Landow’s wood-burning horizontal-boiler Climax A moves in the opposite direction as he tests its recently installed DCC. (George named his logging operation “The Glanville Lumber Company” as a tribute to Joe Glanville, who ran a tiny hobby shop on Warren Avenue in East Providence and who helped modelers getting into the hobby.)

Left: Henry working near a section of the layout whose scenery as in progress.

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